Lives That Were Saved


“Meatball” was an 8 week old kitten who was accidentally stepped on by his owner. He presented to our hospital 1 day later with a severely prolapsed rectum which required immediate surgical repair. Meatball’s owner has just lost his wife and was on a limited income. With the time donated by Dr. Bogner and the funds donated by Help Us Save Lives, Meatball was able to have his surgery and recover in our hospital for 11 days.


“Duke” presented to the Emergency Pet Clinic for respiratory distress after a possible foreign body ( a foxtail) in the chest. The foreign body had caused Duke’s chest to fill with pus. This condition is known as a Pyothorax. A chest tube was surgically paced and he was hospitalized for several days on IV antibiotics.

Help Us Save Lives was able to assist the owner with her follow-up care. This included radiographs and oral medication. Dr. Stallings donated her time to aid Duke’s owner with complimentary reevaluations. Duke is doing great !!!!


Two good Samaritans found an approximately 10 month old female canine left on the side of then road after being hit by a car. She was severely injured and had lost a great deal of blood. She was immediately brought to Hemet Animal Hospital and was seen on emergency. She had a lacerated vein on her right foreleg and several puncture wounds and abrasions. She also had 2 bullets/pellets lodged under her skin. She was hospitalized on fluids and surgery was performed to repair the laceration. The good Samaritans who brought her in visit almost daily and have named her Daisy. Her original owners have not come forward despite our efforts to look for them. She remains here under our care and supervision. We hope to find her a safe and loving home.


Mae was accidentally stepped on by her owner during the night. She was brought in because she would not bear any weight on her rear leg and the owners was worried that it may be fractured. Radiographs revealed a fracture of the femur bone with several smaller bone fragments in view. Mae’s owner is a working college student and was unable to afford surgery on his own. With the help of several non-profit organizations and her owner’s determination, Mae was able to have the orthopedic surgery that she so desperately needed. She was hospitalized here for the first 2 weeks and now continues to recover at home. Her recovery time will be approximately 8-12 weeks and her owner is following very strict instructions for her at home. We are expecting a full recovery.


Casey was a 3 year old Labrador and a beloved member of her family. She was very well cared for and loved by all. Casey was brought in for vomiting and lethargy. Her family was concerned that she was poisoned. Her family did a complete diagnostic work up consisting of radiographs, blood and urine testing, and fungal screening. She was started on several oral medications while the results were pending. Over the next day, Casey’s health continued to decline rapidly. Her owners could not afford much more expense so Help Us Save Lives offered to help. Casey returned to the hospital and was immediately hospitalized on IV fluids and injectable medications. Despite all of our efforts, Casey did not make it. A necropsy was performed and the cause of death was determined to be neoplasia (cancer). Casey’s death was devastating to her family as well as to the doctors and staff of this hospital. She will be missed by all of the lives that she touched.


A huge hearted client watched Whiskey get hit by a car on Cornell one morning. She noticed that no car(s) stopped to help and she feared that he would be hit again. She immediately stopped her vehicle to help this poor injured feline. She drove him to Hemet Animal Hospital hoping to relieve his suffering. Our doctors examined him and determined that he may have a chance. Radiographs revealed a severely luxated hip. He also had injuries to his face (several small fractures) and a large amount of swelling. He was started on several injectable medications to help reduce swelling, relieve pain, and prevent infection. He was also treated for shock. His owners have not come forward despite reports made with Riverside Animal Control and various social networks. Since then, he has remained here under our care and is doing fantastic. His savior visits him frequently to check on his progress and we hope to someday find him a loving home.


Meatloaf was a 7 month old bulldog who received most of his vaccines at a local shelter. His owners brought him in because he was vomiting and having bloody stools. He tested negative for parvovirus. Due to financial constraints, his owners elected to treat him conservatively at home. During the next few days, he condition declined and his distraught owners brought him back to the hospital. Funds from Help Us Save Lives were used to admit Meatloaf to the hospital for treatment. He remained here on IV fluids and injectable medications for 3 days and he responded well to treatment. Unfortunately after returning home, Meatloaf became neurologic. His owners became concerned that he may have distemper and elected to have him euthanized. We are so sorry for their loss.


Chiquita was 2 years old when her owner brought her into our hospital. She had been in labor for 1-2 days. The puppies that she was carrying were too large to pass through the birth canal and sadly had passed away inside her. Chiquita was very ill and needed to have an emergency c-section. Her owners did not have the means to pay for the surgery. With help from several different organizations, Chiquita was able to have the surgery that she so desperately needed and was spayed as well. Chiquita went home to her loving family 2 weeks later and is doing great.


Missy, 9 months, was out for a walk with her owners when she slipped out of her collar. Missy darted across the street and was stuck by an on coming car. The car did not stop to help. Missy’s owners were distraught and sought help at the local animal shelter. Once there, they encountered a kind woman who offered to help. Missy was brought to Hemet Animal Hospital and radiographs revealed a fractured pelvis and a fractured femur. Thanks to the help of a generous woman, several organizations, and a surgeon with a big heart, Missy is recovering well at home.


Chance was found by a good Samaritan under a bush on the side of a very busy road. He was brought in immediately and found to be approximately 4 months old. He was unable to bear weight on his rear leg and covered in several punctures wounds that were infected and draining. Radiographs revealed a compound fracture of the femur and severe osteomyelitis ( a bone infection). Chance was hospitalized for 2 months and underwent invasive orthopedic surgery. Thanks to the help of several organizations, our doctors and staff, and a very determined good Samaritan (his new owner), Chance is alive and enjoying his new life.