About Us

Hemet Animal Hospital has been in existence in the Hemet valley since the early 1900’s when Dr Roulston performed both the duties of local veterinarian and undertaker, as was common in those days. In the 1920’s Dr Roulston left the valley and sold the hospital to Dr John “Jack” Caldwell who practiced veterinary medicine at Hemet Animal Hospital until the1940’s. After World War II, Dr William Aldridge purchased the present location and converted the buildings into a Hemet Veterinary Hospital. He opened for business in 1946 and continued until 1950 when he sold the hospital to Dr Jay Wallis.

For several decades, Dr Wallis was the only veterinarian within 30 miles and performed both small animal and large animal medicine and surgery. In the late 1960’s, Dr Wallis suspended his large animal operation and concentrated his medicine and surgery solely in small animals. In 1987, after 37 years of practice Dr Wallis sold the hospital to Dr Perry Kruckenberg and his wife, Dr Bernadine Stallings, who are the current owners of Hemet Animal Hospital. Many changes have occurred over the past 25 years with the addition of digital xray, ultrasound, state of the art anesthesia and anesthesia monitoring, as well as internal medicine specialists and surgeons available for consultation and referral. 2011 marks the 105th year of existence of Hemet Animal Hospital and Drs Kruckenberg and Stallings will continue this tradition well into the future.